The 2020 Democratic National Convention is an opportunity to show the American people what we stand for as a party, unite around our shared values, and launch Joe Biden on a path to victory in November.

The Democratic Party is as diverse as America itself, and this year, our convention will speak to more Americans than ever before — our ideas, our beliefs, our stories. This is one of many opportunities you’ll have to share your thoughts and join the conversation.

How should I record my video?

  • Record your video in a well-lit location, free from distractions, and look directly in the camera. If you’re recording on a cell phone, make sure to hold it horizontally.
  • Keep it short! Videos work best online when they are under two minutes in length.
  • Make it personal and speak from your heart. Focus on your story and a particular issue.
  • Introduce yourself. Say your name, where you’re from, and any other details you’d like to share.
  • Make it positive and tell us why you’re proud to vote for Democrats!

Where will my video be shown?

Your video might be shown on our website, social media, or even during the convention (with your approval)! We encourage you to share your video on your own social media pages and encourage your friends to record a video, too.

I'm having technical difficulties recording.

If you have any issues recording and submitting your video through our hubs, you can record a video on your phone through your camera app and email it to us at [email protected].